One In Six Projects Saw
A Budget Overrun Of 200 %. -

Harvard Business Review

Execute. Analyze. Save. Effortless, cloud-based collaborative space.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

E-mail the invitation to your team and wait for
their priceless reaction.

Your organization is Unique. Your workflow is Unique.

Change is inevitable. Quick adaptation is key to future success. Workflow flexibility will help you to overcome your challenges.

You’re in the driver’s seat of your Dashboard.

From integrating with multiple calendars to customizing your task
prioritization, you’re the driver.

Profit From Your Data

Capitalize on all the tools you're already using. Analyze the data in Zuptu and maximize your time, efficiency, and money.

Let Auto-Pilot Work For You

Automate Your Workflow So That You Can Concentrate On what is Really Important

Make Your Data Import Easily

Just import all your information and collect where you left it.

ZUPTU Provides

Only 2.5 % of companies complete 100 % of
their projects successfully - Gallup

Zuptu will help you to be one of those companies.




We focus on the IT solutions, so you can focus on your business. See what we can do for you today!

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