User Groups and Permissions

The blend of the rights and authorizations appointed to users or groups, together with the benefits allocated to at least user or groups, decide the activities that they can perform on things.

Simple and intuitive

Multiple divisions and departments

The system supports numerous organizations, with various divisions inside every organization, and with different offices inside every division.
Simple and intuitive

File Sharing

The administrations that empower you to share enormous records effectively, just as store them in the cloud, synchronize them over different gadgets, and work together on them with associates and customers.
Flexible and versatile

Task Management

Assignment the executives is more than a daily agenda. It means following errands from start to finish, designating subtasks to partners, and setting due dates to ensure ventures complete on schedule.
Simple and intuitive

Projects Management For Students and Faculty

Improves communications and efficiency
Saves Time and Costs

Flexible and versatile

Mobile Apps

Download the mobile app for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device to plan your day, and get team updates, and know about the work.
Simple and intuitive

Group Tasks Management

Group Task Management use to stay focused on the goals, projects, and daily tasks giving to the groups and manage them all groups
Simple and intuitive


Space helps you a lot about your data storage and you can access from anywhere from any device.

Flexible and versatile

Custom Fields and Workflows

You can customize your fields work as you want to do. You can add many data tables to make your work easy for you
Simple and intuitive

Real-time notifications

This real time notification system keeps track of every action you do. Notifications form a big part of the real time engagement feature of any platform
Flexible and versatile

Emails, SMS updates

Get your system updates you by sms and email

Simple and intuitive

Daily Tasks Reminder via SMS or Email

In a Busy schedule no one have time to check the work individually and manually. Daily Tasks Reminder reminds you that you have to task to done via SMS or email.

Flexible and versatile

Custom Reports Designs

Generate Custom Reports of your work, team work or individually person work based on a project as well.

Simple and intuitive

Multiple Report Types (Pdf, Excel)

Generate Multiple Report or create one report combining of the reports as well which will help you to not to do play with many files but play with one file with many features

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